Andrea Hudson-Lindsay - Travel & Events Genie

Andrea Hudson-Lindsay - Travel & Events Genie

Travel Consultant

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NICHES: Group Travel

SPECIALIZATIONS: Voluntourism - Wellness Travel - Cruises - Destination Wedding - Honeymoon - Romance Travel - Luxury Travel - Religious Travel & Missions Travel

CREDENTIALS: Travel & Tourism Diploma - Events Management Diploma - Accounting Financial Management Diploma

CERTIFICATIONS: Destination Wedding (including LGBT & South Asian) - Honeymoon & Romance Travel - Cruise Lines & Island Destinations.


Imagine, you could travel anywhere in the world. Where would you go and what would you do? Would you nurture your wellness through relaxation? Can you foresee a magical destination wedding, a romantic getaway, or an exciting adventure? Perhaps giving back is more your preference, through missions or voluntourism. Whatever your travel dreams are, there’s good news.

I am YOUR TRAVEL GENIE..... Who makes all your travel dreams come true!

I am the ultimate event or travel designer/planner and your personalized partner, specializing in GROUP TRAVEL with niches in Religious Travel, Missions Travel, Voluntourism (travel for change), Wellness & Group Trips. With nearly over 3 decades of experience in the travel industry, my diverse experience stems from my own personal travel to over 30 countries along with continuous training. For your safety, I also offer pandemic travel planning, information, and guidance.

I see travel as more that a destination and so my intention is to always map out my client’s journey carefully, from start to finish. Ensuring each trip is tailored to show more than a mere destination but offers a meaningful travel experience with lasting memories. Connect with me your travel and events genie today, so I can awaken your dream destination to become your reality.

Your Personal Travel & Event Genie